Fox Ridge Ranch

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Goats

AQHA Quarter Horses

AKC Miniature American Shepherds


Welcome to the Fox Ridge Ranch website! We are a small hobby farm located in beautiful Northern Minnesota. Somewhat hidden away in the country side and neighbored by family dairy farms, we are set up on a 40 acre homestead with rolling hills and an abundance of local wildlife including White Tail Deer, Red Fox, Wild Turkeys, and Black Bears.

At Fox Ridge Ranch we host a few different farm furries such as Horses, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Miniature American Shepherds and a few kitties. All of which are loved and cared for very much and considered family members. Our goal is to provide Quality of life to our farm family and also enjoy the bounties of our little farm and the blessings it provides. All of our pets have their own page with pictures and information about each one!

Our horses have all been either born on our farm or adopted from a weanling and trained on here or by a local trainer. They have been on several trail rides and a few over night camping trips. You could describe them as pocket ponies as they love attention and don't shy away from strangers. 

 We have a small herd of ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Our herd name is "Fox Acres" for those researching on ADGA Genetics. 

The Nigerian Dwarf is the Smallest Dairy Goat breed, coming in any coat color and having blue or brown eyes. They originated in Africa and are a favorite due to their adorably sweet, curious personalities and their hardiness and ability to be easily maintained. We make fresh farmer's cheese, Cajeta (caramel), and we also provide milk on occasion. 

Last but not least is our family/farm dogs and Cats, We have two Miniature American Shepherds, one standard Australian Shepherd and a rescue Chow x Lab. They go everywhere with us and are very friendly with visitors to the farm. Our 3 cats have been with us since birth and are all characters. They are great mousers and also amazing family kitties.

We hope you enjoy our farm and if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us! We can also be found on Facebook, just click HERE!

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